I am a post-traumatic growth and somatic coach who helps people heal and find ease from trauma that gets stuck in the body, and gets in the way of living fulfilled and authentic lives.

My practice is informed by the ReBloom method developed by Rachael Maddox. You can learn more about post-traumatic growth, somatic practice, and the ReBloom method here.

I have experienced the ReBloom method guided by Jo Tucker, post-traumatic guide and member of the ReBloom Hive. I find this method of coaching to be most effective, allowing me to reconnect to the wisdom of my body and release trauma that has been stuck for decades. Jo and ReBloom have been instrumental in my journey of healing and personal post-traumatic growth.

I am in the process of becoming certified as a ReBloom coach in the 2021 Advance Coach Training program.

ReBloom is a 3 part approach to post traumatic growth:

  • Discovering your current ReBloom oracle

It starts with a question: What am I living inside? What am I being called to address in this moment

  • Growing embodied coherence

Learn to allow physiological trauma trapped in your body to move (or “complete”), regulate your nervous system, and nurture resilient aliveness in your body

  • Cultivating relational coherence

Explore the natural blueprints of health associated with the ReBloom archetypes to bring you into right relationship with yourself, others and the world

The ReBloom archetypes for post-traumatic growth

The ReBloom archetypes describe progressive stages of growth, development, and healing, recognizing imprints caused by trauma and returning to your natural blueprint, in seven areas.

Using this method, you’ll learn to move from:

Neglect to Worthiness & Receptivity
(Soul Seed)

Exploitation to Sovereignty

Shame & Repression to Whole Self Expression

Manipulation & Control to Clarity & Choice

Violence & Chaos to Vitality & Empwered Safety

Isolation & Alienation to Intimate Belonging

Colonization to Co-Creation
(Sacred Gardener)

Work with me:

I offer packages of 9 sessions to explore, excavate, heal and learn, priced at $2222CAD, taxes included (service fees apply if you live outside Canada). Payment plans available.

Package includes a 1.5 hour intake session to set goals and identify priorities, 7 one-hour coaching sessions booked by you at your pace (two sessions per month recommended, but can be extended to one per month as well), and a final closing/celebration session. All sessions are conducted online using Zoom.

Customized packages also available. Start with a single session and feel into your flow.

Here‘s what my ReBloom Advance Coach Training peers have to say about my coaching container and skills.

If you’re feeling called to work with me as your post-traumatic and somatic coach, I invite you to reach out. You can contact me here. I am available by direct message using Instagram or Facebook messenger, or you can email me at janinebertolo.coach@gmail.com.

You can also book a 30 minute discovery call to chat and discover whether working with me is a good fit.

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