Future Planning Sessions with me are now open for booking.
Leverage your power of intention & soothe your nervous system!

I collect bath salts. There isn’t a functional bath tub in this house and I aim to change that. Even though I have no idea where, when or how it will happen. I am willing to let the magic unfold and make room for the universe to deliver, the way it always has before.

I know the power of setting intentions and getting out of my own way to allow them to manifest.

And so, I’m collecting bath salts, Future Planning for the day I can have a luxurious nervous-system soothing soak in the comfort of my own home. Pretty sure there will be candles, music and a soothing beverage of some sort to go along with it.

I’m offering one-on-one Future Planning sessions until December 31 – an hour to land in your body and focus in on want you’d like to create for yourself in 2022. With an intuitive card pull from the Star Seed Oracle deck, just for fun and if you’re into it.

How it works:

Once you’ve booked and paid for your session, I will send you a few questions to prime us for future planning together. Practice sinking into your body and heart between now and the time we meet.

Let’s Future Plan together!

Sessions delivered by Zoom, priced at $150. Book now.

Hi. I’m Janine,

I am a post-traumatic growth and somatic coach who helps people heal & find ease from trauma that gets stuck in the body so they can live more fulfilled & authentic lives.

I create a safe, consensual, nurturing space for exploring, excavating, and healing, allowing what’s been stuck to move through and out. Nervous system soothing.

You can find more about my post-traumatic coaching services here.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I am also a Consensual & Trauma-Informed Copywriter who believes you don’t have to relive your trauma in order to tell your story or sell your services.

Learn more about my copywriting services here.