I offer 30 minute distance Reiki priced at $77 per session (taxes and processing fees included)

Treatments are effective in clearing energy, opening chakras and relieving stress and anxiety.

Clients most often report feeling more relaxed and lighter after a distance session.

Book a 15-minute appointment in order for me to collect information for directing the energy and schedule a mutually agreeable time.

It is not necessary to prepare or make yourself available in any way for the session; the benefits of the Reiki energy will find you wherever you are.

However, some clients feel more benefit from settling in at the same time as I am sending them Reiki, in a comfortable position or a salt bath.

We can schedule whatever feels best for you.

If you are interested in receiving an energy painting in combination with your Reiki session, I invite you to discover that option here.

Wishing you peace, love and light.