Consensual Copy


Marketing copy doesn’t have to be predatory or play on fears and insecurities to sell.

Consensual Copy is copy you can feel good about!

You provide valuable service with your business.

The words you use to market your services should reflect your values.

Too often though, sales copy relies on predatory language that triggers the readers’ shame, fear and insecurities, and creates false urgency in order to push them into buying.

It’s non-consensual and it doesn’t have to be that way!

In fact, consensual copy converts better than predatory copy does.

Consent is Sexy

Consent Sells

Consent Empowers

Consent Feels Good

Consent is Comfortable

Consensual Copy is copy aligned with you.

It’s possible to feel as good about selling your services as you do about the services you provide!

I can create that copy for you!

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Make the connections that work for you and your business, create energy, and abundance.

I am an experienced speech and copy writer, an expert listener who can assist you with speaking to the world in your own authentic voice.

Consensual Copy is copy you can feel good about!

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